Our fabric was loved so much by so many we decided to make some adults jimjams too! and so far they have been outselling the kids pjs!

We’ve learned that full sets aren’t for everyone but really comfortable relaxing bottoms are universally loved and ours are great for relaxing the moment you get home.

Sit back with a glass of wine or a beer in front of Netflix and you’re all set!
Fresh colours all with pockets and the loveliest quality brushed Portuguese cotton are features of the bottoms and double-stitched engraved wooden buttons from Italy and a non itch label on the collar carefully stitched into the back. We don’t scrimp on fabric either so we have what is called a buggy on the back which covers any stitching making a label from the back invisible.

Are these just for Winter or the cold? well you have to be the judge of that but this cotton is great quality and very breathable so they are both cosy in the cold but shouldn’t make you sweat like some other fabrics in mild weather.

So browse away! For our new website launch ALL UK deliveries are free of charge.

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