JimblesJimJams is a luxury British children’s pyjama brand, combining grown-up quality with a bold, fun style – smart pyjamas for smart kids.

Founder Jamie Riggs has run his own online nightwear store for the past seven years, so he knows pyjamas inside out. (He always turns them the right way round before he puts them on though.) While running his online store, Jamie couldn’t help but feel that children were missing out by not being offered many ‘proper’ flannel pyjama sets. And since he’s seen first-hand what makes great children’s jim-jams, he decided to combine all those important factors into one out-of-this-world pair of classic PJs.

And that’s JimblesJimJams: well-made flannel pyjamas for kids, all in bright, bold colours and with the option of fun prints. Their beautiful brushed cotton twill fabric is super-soft, but also hardwearing enough for den-building, being beamed into outer space (i.e. to the kitchen) or completing a sofa-cushion assault course. The fabric is long-lasting and won’t lose its shape or – horror of horrors – go bobbly! And the labels are completely sewn in so there’s no hint of scratchiness.

Just as kids love playing with ‘real’ toys, it feels like a treat to receive a pair of grown-up pyjamas. They could even be passed down through the generations. (In case you’re starting to feel jealous, we make pyjamas for Mums too.)

Jamie himself loves nothing more than hunkering down in a cosy pair of PJs to read a good book, or to play Scrabble online with friends from all over the world (preferably with a biscuit). It was during one of these PJs-and-Scrabble showdowns that a player in the US nicknamed Jamie ‘Jimbles’… inspiring him with the name for his new project.

It’s fitting that the name JimblesJimJams came from a long-distance friendship, because Jamie has collaborated with designers and manufacturers internationally to make these pyjamas the best they can be. From the Portuguese mill that weaves the top-quality brushed cotton twill, to the small family factory in Poland where the fabric is carefully cut and stitched – each step of the manufacturing is carried out by a company that’s one of the best in its sector. Piping from France, engraved buttons from Italy, and the design work of Anja Perisic deserves a special mention which is all kinds of gooey loveliness and the sprinkles on the doughnuts!

Not to forget our man from Zimbabwe, Garth who sugar coated all the packaging design!

Of course, there’s another set of people who’ve helped make JimblesJimJams extra-special: kids. A discerning panel of children drawn from Jamie’s family and friends gave him scrupulous feedback at every stage, before finally holding up their ‘10’ paddles. Jamie is deeply indebted to these pint-sized Craig Revel Horwoods for helping JimblesJimJams make great flannel pyjamas for all kids, from toddlers to 10-year olds.